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NET 25’s “Letters and Music” adapts to new normal with guests singing from home

  (Eagle News) – With the COVID-19 pandemic and “stay-at-home” orders in place, TV programs have started to adapt with their anchors and guests participating in programs without leaving their homes. NET 25’s musical variety show, “Letters and Music” did just that. Program hosts led by Apple Chiu did their spiels and intros at home and are able to banter with other hosts, while guests sang their songs in the comfort of their own homes, […]

Actress Sylvia Sanchez gives emotional salute to all frontliners saving patients’ lives amid pandemic

(Eagle News) — Actress Sylvia Sanchez thanked all the health care workers who helped save her life and that of her husband, Art Atayde. Both have now tested negative for COVID-19. The Philippine actress said the health care workers who took care of them, and those who saved hundreds of lives, continue to make sacrifices, risking their own lives to save COVID-19 patients. “Tunay na kahanga-hanga po kayo (You are indeed admirable),” she said in […]

Kantang Kwarantin: Stay at home, SING and win a prize!

QUEZON CITY, Philippines (Eagle News) — Ever dreamed of being a singer performing on the big stage? Performing for people all over the world and not just to your cat? But it’s kind of hard to make your dream become a reality, because you know, lockdown. Now it’s your time to shine! With Kantang Kwarantin, presented by EBC Films—it’s your chance to create your own cover song of “Tuloy ang Laban,” for fame and your […]

Kwentong Kwarantin: Stay home, shoot a film and win a prize!

  QUEZON CITY, Philippines (Eagle News) — “Staying at home,” is literally saving the world. And who doesn’t want to be a super hero? But being a super hero can be boring—at least being a super hero at home. And the “binge-watching marathon extravaganza” is getting old right about now. So why not do something a bit more productive, while saving the world? EBC Films is inviting you to “Kwentong Kwarantin” by creating a short-film […]

Actress Iza Calzado tests positive for COVID-19; but her condition is improving, says manager

(Eagle News) – Philippine Actress Iza Calzado, who was earlier confined for pneumonia, has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, her manager confirmed today, Satuday, March 28. In a Facebook post, Noel Ferrer, the actress’ manager, said “Iza Calzado received her results yesterday that she tested positive for CoVid.  She is recovering as she was aggressively treated for pneumonia and the virus.  She can actually breath now without any oxygen assistance.” Calzado will be tested […]

Actor Christopher de Leon discharged from hospital

(Eagle News) –Actor Christopher De Leon has been discharged from the hospital days after he announced he tested positive for the coronavirus disease 2019. De Leon’s wife Sandy Andolong made the announcement in an Instagram post. “And he is finally home. Big thank you to all the staff, health workers, medics, nurses & doctors of Medical City hospital,” Andolong said. De Leon was one of the first Philippine personalities to contract the virus, which has […]

Make It Reel — Production Values

by Alexandra Megia Eagle News QUEZON CITY, Philippines (Eagle News) —The stage is set and the lights are hot. The time has come for EBC Films’ Make it Reel participants to see the fruits of their labor. Excitement filled the air—10x more than the first day of the Make It Reel Seminar. This is the time to see how each other fared during the 2-day Guerrilla filmmaking a week prior to the awards night. After […]

Actor Christopher de Leon says he has COVID-19

(Eagle News) — Actor Christopher de Leon on Tuesday, March 17, confirmed he has the coronavirus disease 2019. In a social media post, the actor said that he did not have any travel history, nor did he have any contact with a person positive for COVID-19. “However, due to the nature of my work in the entertainment business, I have interacted with many people. I therefore ask anyone who has come  in contact me within […]

Philippine actor Richard Quan receives special recognition during EBC Films “Make it Reel” workshop

By Alfred Acenas EBC Hawaii Bureau QUEZON CITY, Philippines (Eagle News) – Veteran Philippine actor Richard Quan made an appearance on day 2 of the filmmaker workshop “Make it Reel” sponsored by EBC Films and held at the EBC Main Studio in Quezon City, Philippines. Event organizers took the opportunity to congratulate him for his 26 years of success and contributions to the country’s film industry by presenting a certificate of recognition signed by EBC […]

Actor Miko Palanca passes away at 41

(Eagle News) — Actor Miko Palanca has passed away. This was announced by his family in a statement on Tuesday, Dec. 10. “We are extremely saddened and heartbroken by the sudden passing of our beloved brother, Miko Palanca. The whole family is grateful for the incredible outpour of love and support that has been coming in today,” the family said. The family did not reveal the circumstances behind his death. He was 41 years old. […]

Depressed and suicidal? Fighting the feeling, Guerrero style

By CAESAR VALLEJOS, Open for Business “Galit sa mundo.” That could be one of the feelings of Filipinos, over 3 million of them, who suffer from depression.  According to the World Health Organization, 800,000 people die each year due to suicide. What is more alarming is that suicide cases and students with mental illnesses have “risen drastically in the last two years with at least one suicide referral made each day.” “There remains to be […]

Carlos Celdran passes away

(Eagle News)–Carlos Celdran has died. His wife Tesa said in a Facebook post on Tuesday, Oct. 8, that he died of “natural causes.” He was 46 years old. Celdran had been living in Spain since January of this year, months after the Supreme Court affirmed a Court of Appeals decision that sanctioned him for disrupting a Catholic service at the Manila Cathedral in 2010. Celdran, an advocate for the reproductive health law, had barged in […]