Mata ng Agila

mata ng agila



Today’s world is fast paced and constantly on the move.

Information moves at the speed of light.

And news happens in the blink of an eye.

Everyone is connected. And what happens some where else can affect you.

Don’t be left behind.

Know the day’s news before everyone else.

Net 25’s News and Current Affairs is proud to present its flagship program, MATA NG AGILA.

Like the soaring eagle, whose eyes see every little detail that occurs beneath its wings, MATA NG AGILA, will deliver you your daily dose of news.

Not only that , with MATA NG AGILA, you’ll know the news before everyone else as they give us the day’s headlines and biggest news an hour ahead of the other networks.

You will be the first to know.

With an early time slot of 6:00 PM to 7:30 PMMATA NG AGILA delivers the news, straight, accurate and concise.

Gaining recognition for its refreshing, no-frills approach to newscasting, MATA NG AGILA is anchored by an indefatigable and trusted triumvirate composed of veteran reporters Ely Saludar and Weng dela Fuente, and newscaster Sam Cepeda.

MATA NG AGILA aims to provide the news that the Filipino viewers can use.

Net 25’s flagship news program caters to the needs of the news-hungry public as it gives the day’s comprehensive news, not only here in our country but also news from abroad.

It is not just about the top stories and headlines, MATA NG AGILA, will also give you the latest in  business, entertainment, and sports.

And to cap it all, the newscast usually ends with entertaining light news or positive news.

It pays to know the news.

Be the first to know with Net 25’s MATA NG AGILA.

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