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Hong Kong office vacancies double after protests, pandemic

  Hong Kong, China (AFP) The amount of vacant top-tier office space has more than doubled in Hong Kong over the last three years as companies downsize operations, researchers have found, warning that demand could remain soft even if pandemic controls are lifted. The data adds to warnings that Hong Kong’s lustre as a business hub has been dulled by political unrest and a subsequent crackdown. Pandemic curbs have also kept the city internationally isolated […]

In photos: Nature’s beauty unfolds in Petrusburg, South Africa

  The beauty of nature as each day unfolds can be seen in these photos in Petrusburg, South Africa, the site of the eco-farming community of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ). These photos taken by Cara Luzeleine Sanico at the site captures these various scenes of nature. “Farm life might sound dull to some as it is away from the bustling and busy streets of a town or a city. But everyday life […]

#EBCphotojournalism: Protesters converge on White House, call for end to police brutality

WASHINGTON (Eagle News) — After another night of protests, that sometimes included looting, vandalism and violence, demonstrations that weren’t as violent but nonetheless passionate continued in the the nation’s capital on Monday afternoon, June 1, 2020. Protesters gathered in front of Lafayette Square, the park directly in front of the White House, to express their frustrations over racism and police brutality in the U.S. Protests like this were sparked by the death of an unarmed […]

EBC photography: A view of the Rhine River this spring amid the pandemic

“So ein herrlicher Tag!” What a glorious day as the Germans say. Keeping upbeat amid the coronavirus pandemic is necessary for one’s mental and emotional health. In Germany, where one is still allowed to go out to take a walk provided you maintain the required social or physical distancing, enjoying spring can indeed lift up your spirits. This is what couple Daisy and Olaf Prodigalidad did, taking a walk along the river Rhine, mindful of […]

In photos: The vicarage where Dr. Jose Rizal wrote the last chapters of Noli Me Tangere

Fotos: Das Pfarrhaus, wo Dr. Jose Rizal die letzten Kapitel von Noli Me Tangere schrieb   By Malou Francisco  EBC Europe bureau/ Eagle News Service (Eagle News) – While in Wilhelmsfeld, Germany, Philippine national hero Dr. Jose Rizal went to the University of Heidelberg to practice ophthalmology. He would walk through the Odenwald Hills for three hours covering 12 kilometers. (Während seines Aufenthalts in Wilhelmsfeld besuchte der philippinische Nationalheld Dr. Jose Rizal die Universität Heidelberg, […]

Bat signal during EBC Pop Con

In photos: Scenes at the EBC PopCon 2019

(Eagle News) — These are just some of the scenes during the first day of EBC PopCon 2019 held on Friday, Nov. 8, 2019 at the Eagle Broadcasting Corporation headquarters. The event brought together comics and  pop culture afficionados, students, comics illustrators, artists and legends, as well as priceless collections of  PopCon — from life-sized statues to rare collections of vintage comics and other PopCon art. The event continues on Saturday, Nov. 9, 2019 at […]

#EBCphotography: Melbourne bursts in color as spring begins

By Patricia Madronio EBC Australia Bureau Eagle News and Features MELBOURNE, Australia — Melbourne is a city that is well known for its spasmodic and often extreme weather conditions. Any local will tell you that on a bad day, one can experience all four seasons! From a freezing morning to a hot afternoon with a side of alternating rain and shine, and a sprinkle of wild winds, Melbourne’s weather is certainly an interesting and unique […]

#EBCphotojournalism: Philippines sends garbage back to Canada

    BRITISH COLUMBIA, Canada (Eagle News) — The Philippines returned tons of garbage left in its ports years ago by Canada. The trash which caused tensions between the two countries entered the Deltaport container terminal in Tsawwassen, British Columbia, Canada on the cargo ship Anna Maersk. According to Canadian officials, the trash will be incinerated by a local waste-to-energy facility putting an end to the controversial garbage that even incited Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte […]