Featured Photos: International

#EBCPhotojournalism: BC wildfires cover Western Canada with haze

  CANADA (Eagle News) — Smoke from wildfires in British Columbia, Canada has drifted east towards the Canadian province of Alberta. Haze is visible from Vancouver to as far as Edmonton and Calgary. The smoke is affecting air quality and is expected to remain for several days according to Environment Canada.   (Eagle News Service)

Kindness makes a difference: INC members give a cup of coffee and a helping hand to the homeless in Manchester, UK

    People can become homeless for lots of different reasons — from social causes, unemployment and poverty.  But there are also plenty of opportunities to lend a helping hand. Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) members in Manchester, the United Kingdom join in INCGiving activity “Feed the Homeless” in their communities, a week before their historic Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty. Acts of kindness as simple as giving a free cup of hot coffee […]

In photos: Young INC members in Japan help clean up public places, join worldwide clean-up drive

  Armed with their brooms, trash bags, and other cleaning materials, young Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) members in Hamamatsu, Kawasaki, Okinawa, Shinagawa and Yokota, along with all the other young members of the INC in Japan, worked in groups as they picked up litter and cleaned up the streets, parks and other public areas all over Japan. The youth members, belonging to the BINHI organization (for INC members aged 12 to 17)  in […]

Diversity through photos : Many faces from different places at INC Worldwide Walk in Johnsonville, Connecticut

JOHNSONVILLE, Connecticut (Eagle News) –  One place, many faces, different races, age groups and abilities. From babies to the elderly, participants from the states of the Northeast region in the United States walk one mile around a 62-acre land the religious organization, Iglesia Ni Cristo own in the small Connecticut town of Johnsonville. Photo Credit: Jemily Dalistan, Jenny Delapaz, Abigail Marlow, Emil Valerio, and Abigail Vital, EBC New York Bureau