Tagisan Ng Galing (TNG):  a ‘quarantalent’ show like no other

NET25’s biggest talent search competition premieres on May 9 and 10, 2020, Saturday and Sunday, 12 noon and 9 PM


By Caesar Vallejos, OPEN FOR BUSINESS

Quarantines during COVID-19 have shown the best and the worst times of people’s lives.

Both funny and sad stories from the rich and the poor circulate the world how coronavirus is changing how they work, relate with each other, and entertain themselves.

The crisis brings simple joys yet causes painful agonies — from the story of a kid whose face lits up every time he wakes up to see that his father, who works from home due to the lockdowns, is still home!  To the silent mourning of a widowed wife who cannot feel the consoling embrace of her loved ones observing social distancing at her husband’s wake.

“In difficult times, it is human nature to turn to God…to faith…to music and the arts – the things for the heart and soul.  When we are down, we long to feel better, and we turn to entertainment,” Elson Montalbo, Head of Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) Edutainment TV and Tagisan Ng Galing (TNG) Director shared.

It is for this reason that EBC worked overtime to launch TNG ahead of its scheduled airing.

TNG, NET25’s most prominent talent competition will premiere on May 9 and 10, 2020, 12 noon and 9 PM.  It is an entertainment program that breaks during the quarantine period, hence, the coined phrase ‘quarantalent’ show.

TNG aims to depict the tapestry of the rich and colorful cultural heritage of the Philippines through the diverse talents of its people. NOTE: The photo of live auditions was taken before the ECQ.

Holding on to talent

“Some of the auditionees have gone through life with so many hardships – they only have their talents to hold on to…to hope for…to get by,” the show’s director said.

Montalbo emphasized that sans the drama, many of those who auditioned have heartbreaking experiences that came out during the profile interviews at the first level of auditions nationwide.

“Even before the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), we’ve heard many heartwarming, some heartbreaking stories.  Many held on to their music, to their dreams in the most challenging times,” Montalbo recalled. “Nakakaiyak yong ibang istorya,” he said.

‘A showcase of the BEST in us, Filipinos’

EBC has always been sensitive to the news and entertainment needs of Filipino audiences around the world. During the ECQ, EBC President Rowena dela Fuente said that the network invited viewers and their families to send videos of their ‘quarantivities.’

“Without being insensitive to what is happening around the world, we wanted to spread positive thoughts, ideas, and knowledge that are needed for people to survive the crisis,” she said.

Thus, TNG offers Pinoys all over the world a lot of reasons to feel good! “This is Pinoy entertainment at its best!  PINOY na PINOY!,” Montalbo exclaimed.

A throng of talented individuals and groups trooped to the Philippine Arena during the first opening of the live auditions (before ECQ) aiming to take a spot to the next level of auditions.

“It’s a showcase of the best in us, Filipinos – our innate talent for music, our Pinoy nature to make each other laugh and entertain an audience – whether inside our humble homes or in huge venues,” he continued.

“Ang hilig ng Pinoy na mag-show!  Sa atin, life is always a show!  Gustong-gusto nating may pinapanood – sa bahay, sa office, sa school, sa barangay, sa kalye…everywhere.  TNG will satisfy Pinoys’ craving for shows!

Many shows rolled into one

Montalbo declared that TNG is “many shows rolled into one.”  TNG, as he described, is a ‘music show, a dance showdown, a circus!”

“What was exciting, even more than challenging about TNG, was how to categorize the various talents and acts that were showcased by the TNG hopefuls during the nationwide live and online auditions.

This acrobatic duo somehow displays the balance that governments around the world are faced at the moment: the health and safety of citizens and the revival of the economy.

To illustrate how Filipinos are so creative and multi-talented, Montalbo gave a peek of what people can expect at the TV program:   a lovely couple performing a romantic dance but upped the notch with “buwis-buhay” acrobatic turns. A group of Hip-hop dancers doing singkil moves. Harmonica-playing human beatboxers.  A foot archer and amazing fire dancers. “And the dance groups, all of them are of world-champion caliber. “Ang gagaling, sila ang highlight ng show!, the show director announced.

And what is a talent show without the vocal prowess of karaoke-loving Filipinos?

“It was proven once again that Pinoys are among the best in the world.  “Nessun Dorma” is no longer a unique audition piece for male Filipino singers.  Our TNG Pinay singers could outsing Broadway stars and pop icons, and perform, with ease,  Christine Daae’s famous high notes in ‘Phantom of the Opera,’ Montalbo said.

TNG is open to everyone, and during the auditions, talents of all ages showed up: a full band of kids, a 9-year-old boy who battled it out with adult vocal performers.  Montalbo noted that senior citizens also came strong with their Frank Sinatra and Air Supply pieces.  Seniors, some females, came as rock stars.

Elson Montalbo, Head of Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) Edutainment TV, and Tagisan Ng Galing (TNG) Director.

A tribute to the Filipino talent

With many people losing their jobs, low-income families left with nothing to make ends meet, with businesses forced to close operations, clinging to hope, and to one’s dreams is remarkably empowering.

The chance to bring home millions of pesos that are offered as TNG prizes,  especially at this time where cash is scarce gives the much-needed hope for aspirants.

However, Montalbo emphasized, “TNG is not just about giving away millions of cash prizes.  It is about giving tribute to the talents of the Filipinos.  The show is about the auditionees: their talents, their stories, their journey.

“The show has everything for everyone, Tagisan Ng Galing is online for all the world to see,” the show director said.

The coronavirus may be infecting the world, but never will it defeat the Filipino talent and our resilience as a nation, as a race.

Let the performances in Tagisan Ng Galing inspire us all to believe that each and everyone has the unique talent to survive the crisis.  Let the songs, dances and the acts in TNG manifest that we Filipinos can bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Sa pagharap sa krisis, ang bawa’t Pilipino, may angking galing at talino.”

Watch Episode 1 on March 9 and 10, 12NN and 9 PM.  Make watching TNG the new normal!

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TNG is also sponsored by Asian Coatings Phils. Inc., Matimco, RS Square Variables Inc., Compuzel Enterprises, Saisho International Trading Corp., DN Steel, and IMAC.

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