NET 25’s “Letters and Music” adapts to new normal with guests singing from home


(Eagle News) – With the COVID-19 pandemic and “stay-at-home” orders in place, TV programs have started to adapt with their anchors and guests participating in programs without leaving their homes.

NET 25’s musical variety show, “Letters and Music” did just that. Program hosts led by Apple Chiu did their spiels and intros at home and are able to banter with other hosts, while guests sang their songs in the comfort of their own homes, as the show went online.

Social and physical distancing took a whole new meaning in the era of COVID-19 as the new normal took hold of society – even for those in the TV industry.

Before COVID-19 days, one had to be physically in the TV studio to do your hosting, and guests had to be there too to belt their songs or play their instruments.

But that had to change.

It’s still as fun too. With viewers taking it all in and relating to the concept. After all, they too are practicing social distancing, and the new normal of “work from home.”

On Thursday’s episode (April 16) of Letters and Music, the popular girl group “4th Impact” sang the piece, “A Million Dreams” from “The Greatest Showman” thanking the NET25 program for allowing them to “sing from home.”

The line “a million dreams for the world we’re gonna make,” resonated with viewers and listeners alike.

“4th Impact” performs at NET25’s “Letters and Music” via online, performing their songs from home. (Screenshot of NET 25 Youtube)

Stay at home and listen to relaxing songs, said the hosts who could be seen on screen and online.

Ric Mercado, a musical director/arranger and noted guitarist, gives a piece of advice to all those who are getting bored at home.

Mag-bonding po tayo sa ating tahanan, na kung ating tawagin ay home,” as he noted that frontliners who are working hard to make us safe could not afford to do that.

Ric Mercado, a musical director/arranger and noted guitarist, plays the guitar from his home while performing for NET 25’s “Letters and Music.” (Screenshot of NET 25 Yotube)

And with that intro, he strummed his guitar, and the mesmerizing tunes of “Home” were released just like magic into the air and online.

With a guitar instrumental, viewers can get to sing along to the wonderful tune as the lyrics can be seen on the screen.

Another guest, R&B artist Sarah Petty also sang from her home, sharing her rendition of “If I Ain’t Got You.”

R&B artist Sarah Petty gives her rendition of “If I Ain’t Hot You” performing at home for NET25’s “Letters and Music” via online. (Screenshot NET25 Youtube)

So that’s Letters and Music Online. Whoever says that COVID-19 will affect program quality had another think coming. Because programs just got more creative to inspire those at the homefront.

(Editor’s note: You can watch Letters and Music Online via NET25 Facebook and NET25 Youtube. Also check out today’s episode at  The show airs and goes online weekdays at 1 p.m., with replays at 8 p.m.)

(Eagle News Service)