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Connecting people, reconnecting with God at #INCReconnect

  By Caesar Vallejos, EBC Correspondent (Excerpts from Reconnection happens in various spheres of life – physical, emotional, psychological, technological and spiritual. Thus, the INC Reconnect project, the Worldwide Intensive Propagation missionary work of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC), resonates very well to both INC members and non-members alike. Here are some of the stories of connecting people and how they reconnected with God from the #INCReconnect event at the Philippine Arena: High school classmates Augusto […]


Sa mga nagpadala ng kanilang proof shot, maraming salamat po! Truly, we stand united as we do our duty for our country and our fellow Filipinos 🙂 #DesisyonNgBayan2016

This is the work of God, who can hinder?

An ‘in-depth’ article was published by an online-only paper (clue: it starts and ends with the letter ‘R’), with the title posing this question: Will scandals erode Iglesia Ni Cristo vote? My answer: Definitely NOT! The said article wrongly assumes that the recent moves of expelled INC members gained traction and influenced the majority of the Church membership. Citing as one of their proofs of such influence is the ‘small’ crowd in the recent protest […]

Hapi ang Buhay – A must watch show

The INCinema’s first-ever full length film, “Walang Take Two” presented us its spinoff sitcom, “Hapi ang Buhay”. “Hapi ang Buhay” resumes to narrate life in a usual urban Filipino community as the neighborhood encounters various timely social issues. Hapi ang Buhay is the first-ever situational comedy produced by the Eagle Broadcasting Corporation in partnership with INCinema Productions. Let us join them as they attempt to make sense of everything, while weaving through life’s hilarious side […]

Businessbytes: Lessons learned from Mark Zuckerberg

  by Robert Capistrano BARCELONA, Spain (Eagle News) —  At the Mobile World Congress 2016 here in Barcelona, Spain, many hugely anticipated events like the latest product launches, company exhibits and keynote speeches from industry movers and shakers awaited its over 100,000 global attendees. But it was Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder and CEO who was truly the rock star of the four-day event, as he clearly stole the show. Even local media and paparazzi hounded […]

Sexual harassment – when the unseen gets caught

QUEZON City, Philippines (February 18) – Modern campaigns against sexual harassment are found in everyone’s Facebook timelines and other social media pages. From cat-calls to the intentional acts of touching and groping in the bus or train, everything is documented via video, a vine or photo, along with the full info of the “you-cannot-hide-what-you’re-doing” crimes captioned in complete detail. Once, I encountered a post from my female friend. She ranted about women who dress provocatively just to […]

Replenish your Creativity with tips from successful artists

Are you creative at heart?  An artist who has a thirst for creativity? Or maybe you just want to get inspiration from other successful artists to boost your creativity? One way of boosting your creativity and inspiration is by attending creative conferences like Graphika Manila. You have a chance to gain inspiration from successful artists from different parts of the world and replenish your passion in art. I am an artist at heart but I […]

Medal of Valor – is it enough?

QUEZON City, Philippines (February 2) – Last January 25, 2016, two members of  the Philippine National Police – Special Action Force (SAF) 44 was awarded by President Benigno Aquino III with the Medal of Valor- the Philippine highest military honor. He also gave the PNP Distinguished Conduct Medal awards or Medalya ng Kabayanihan to the remaining members of the SAF 44. It’s already been a year when 44 brave men died in the bloody clash in Mamasapano, […]

Kalayaan, Atin Ito – heroes of the new generation

QUEZON City, Philippines (January 28) – “The youth is the hope of the nation” – Jose Rizal Our national hero once said that the children are our only hope. The youth from “Kalayaan, Atin Ito”  movement is one of the great representations of what Dr. Jose Rizal told us. “If during our voyage we will be encountering the Chinese face to face, we are going to tell them that we are not going to war against […]

Rizal and the Youth of Today

Have you ever wonder why Rizal’s words are still applicable up until now? Is he some kind of a time traveller to know what the future brings? Or is he a prophet, just like what most Rizal patriots are saying? Or a fortune teller that somehow predicts what will happen in the future, Or maybe it’s because of our system, and ourselves that is remained unchanged since Rizal’s time? We are all aware that Rizal […]

Federal system is it for us? It is up to us.

Based on the poll question: Do you believe that the country will be better off if we adopt a federal system of government? Make it seem like the majority of the people who participated in that poll believed that we are in need to change our government. Is it because our countrymen are already awake from the deep slumber that they had, since the beginning of the democratic government that we are still practicing until […]