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Supreme Court demonstrates its clumsy choice and unsophisticatedness in Erap case.

Supreme Court demonstrates its clumsy choice and unsophisticatedness in Erap case.   Today, we are so uncovered of governmental issues and citizens are discussing a debate of exclusion instance of the previous president Joseph “Erap” Estrada by the Supreme Court. As indicated by solid source, Estrada, popularly called Erap, was ousted from office in 2001 during a popular uprising in Metro Manila after an aborted impeachment trial in which he was charged with plunder and perjury. Soon after his ouster, […]

SK Should be abolished

Today in our economy there are some sorts of discussion about the law postponing SK elections. SK or “Sangguniang kabataan” was considered as a youth council in every barangay. According to reliable sources, the council represented teenagers from 15 to 17 years old who have resided in their barangay for at least six months and registered to vote. It was the local youth legislature in the village and therefore led the local youth program and […]

Cancer and Autism: how to deal with it?

It’s always hard to talk about illnesses especially major diseases like cancer and autism. Patients, family members, or anyone can find it hard to talk about the impact cancer and autism is having on their lives. It often leads to them the feelings of isolation. Yes it’s really hard to deal with this kind of illness but you have to stay and be positive in life to be able to fight and overcome this kind […]

Some useful information about cancer and autism

Since this week is Cancer and Autism Awareness Week, let me share some useful information that will broaden your knowledge about cancer and autism. Having diseases such as cancer and autism is a serious matter. Some people who suffer from this kind of disease find courage in fighting these ailments by having a positive attitude.  But still some people, who have cancer or who have family members who suffer from autism, tend to suffer from […]

Yes to fare hike, Yes to improvement!

In our economy today, we cannot prevent the increase of transportation fare. As a student and commuter at the same time, commuting is a hassle.  It is annoying when buses get incredibly crowded especially during peak hours. That’s why many students still choose to ride the MRT or Metro Rail Transit because it has become a very indispensable way of travelling from one location to another.  One can also escape traffic by riding the MRT. […]

Ways on How A Non-Enthusiast of Book Develops Reading

Students are more likely to be obliged and encouraged to read books, unlike adults who prioritize work most of the time that they no longer have the chance to read. Most are also losing interest because of various emerging technologies that grab their attention.   But are these emerging technologies really causing improvement? Or is there a downside to it? How can we possibly improve our reading?  Or mabe, how can we renew our interest in […]