Yes to fare hike, Yes to improvement!

In our economy today, we cannot prevent the increase of transportation fare. As a student and commuter at the same time, commuting is a hassle.  It is annoying when buses get incredibly crowded especially during peak hours. That’s why many students still choose to ride the MRT or Metro Rail Transit because it has become a very indispensable way of travelling from one location to another.  One can also escape traffic by riding the MRT.

In terms of fare hike, I’m not against the reasoning of the Department of Transportation and Communication for the fare increase in the MRT and the LRT because I understand that such fare hikes are needed to further improve the train service and to support the railways. I know that it’s unfair for us to shoulder the additional expenses just to raise the railways’ capital but on the other hand, I can see that it will benefit us especially the daily commuters of MRT and LRT. The DOTC should provide solutions to the existing problems encountered by the MRT and LRT stations everyday, and they can’t do that without the help of people.

Everyone has different perspectives about this current issue and I think the greatest way to persuade the public to accept the MRT/LRT fare increase is to show how the additional income will be worked back into the MRT/LRT operations.

by: Sharmaine Lorido