YOUNG VOICES SPEAK: The noblest and proudest profession for me

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By Daryll Jane Jemino
Young Voices contributor


One of my Grade 5 teachers once told me that the proudest profession is the one that she belongs to, which is that of being a teacher. Why? Because no matter where you go and no matter how old you are now, all the students that you’ve once taught will always be your students and will always call you as “Teacher or Ma’am”.


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October 5 – National Teachers’ Day:  Time to appreciate our teachers

To give a simple appreciation for all the teachers all over the world, the Department of Education or DepEd celebrates the National Teachers’ Month every year.  National Teachers’ Month is observed from September 5 until October 5. Coincidentally, October 5 is also the National Teachers’ Day and World Teachers’ Day. For 2017, the theme is ‘GURONG PILIPINO: KAAKBAY SA PROGRESO’. This celebration is full of different activities, treats, events, and services for all the teachers in different places.

The theme: GURONG PILIPINO: KAAKBAY SA PROGRESO puts an emphasis on the undeniable fact that the Filipino teachers are one of the keys, not just for every student’s success, but for the progress of the whole country as well.

There will be no successful engineer, governor, lawyer, chef, doctor or even another teacher without the sacrifices made by our patient teachers. In other words, one of the big reasons why we are what we are right now is because of our teachers.

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Value, respect, and understanding

It is a sad truth that not everyone appreciates the effort put in by our teacher. Most of the time, students just come in class, not to listen and to learn, but to hang out with their classmates.  Some parents blame their child’s teacher when their own child doesn’t get good grades.

What is even more painful is the fact that there are some people that belittle the teaching profession.


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I admit that I was once one of those students who was not terribly impressed by the profession of my second parents. That is until I met my English teacher in high school. She is proud enough to tell her life stories in our class. We found out that she’s a single mother of four children and a daughter to a paralyzed father. From that moment, I realized that while we are grumbling and complaining about the home works, projects and seat works given by our “terror” teacher, there is this person, who has to make ends meet to ensure the survival of her family, and yet is still noble and passionate enough to ensure that we students succeed in our lives.

Imagine being a teacher. You teach and care for other kids, while not having enough time to take care of your own. Ponder that, next time you assassinate your teacher’s character just because he or she is too strict or gives you a load of things to do.

Value, respect, and understanding.  These are the things that we must do for our second parents. They truly deserve our salute and our bow.


Daryll Jane Jemino is a 4th Year AB Mass Communication student in New Era University. When not involved in theater and TV production, she spends her time doing documentaries, music videos and films. 


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