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Tsunami-sunk’ Roman ruins discovered in Tunisia

NABEUL, Tunisia (AFP) — Vast underwater Roman ruins have been discovered off northeast Tunisia, apparently confirming a theory that the city of Neapolis was partly submerged by a tsunami in the 4th century AD. “It’s a major discovery,” Mounir Fantar, the head of a Tunisian-Italian archaeological mission which made the find off the coast of Nabeul, told AFP. He said an underwater expedition had found streets, monuments and around 100 tanks used to produce garum, […]

Infinity Room Exhibition coming to Los Angeles this October

By Jaina Pallasigui (EBC Las Vegas Bureau) Eagle News Service LAS VEGAS, USA  (Eagle News) — Yayoi Kusama is known for her artistic vision of perspective.  Even people who have never heard of Kusama have been drawn to her immersive artwork that seems to defy the boundaries of light and space.   Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors exhibition has been touring the country, leaving a huge impression at each stop.  Commencing at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture […]

Big Ben: A British icon in facts and figures

LONDON, United Kingdom (AFP) — A cherished British icon, Big Ben, is falling silent from Monday for repairs expected to last four years. Here are some facts and figures for Big Ben and the other bells of the Houses of Parliament in the world’s most photographed clock tower. Name Many simply refer to the entire tower as Big Ben. But its proper name is the Elizabeth Tower, the clock is the Great Clock and Big […]

Newborn babies in Cairo learn how to swim

CAIRO, Egypt (Reuters) — Egyptian parents are taking their new-born babies for a swim in novel classes being held in the capital, helping to promote physical education for babies while teaching parents how to handle their children in water. Held by instructor Mohamed Abdelmaksoud, the classes began in July after he received his certificate in Russia in 2014 and returned to Cairo to continue his career in his home country. A video he posted on […]

Big Ben to fall silent on Aug 21 until 2021 for restoration

LONDON, United Kingdom (CCTV) — London’s iconic bell Big Ben will fall silent after chiming noon on August 21 until 2021 for restoration work. After bonging every hour for most of the last 157 years, the Great Bell’s world famous strikes and the chimes of the quarter bell will be paused for four years to ensure the safety of those working in the Elizabeth Tower, which houses the bell at the north end of the […]

Van Gogh goes virtual as ‘Sunflowers’ unite via livestream

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AFP) — Five versions of Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpiece painting “Sunflowers” will be united across three continents for the first time on Monday via a consecutive livestream feed, the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam has said. “On Monday… Facebook is hosting five consecutive livestreams in which international museum directors and conservators present the version of Sunflowers in their own institution,” the museum said on its website. “Five different Sunflowers paintings will be […]

London’s underground mail rail re-opens after 14 years

LONDON, England (Reuters) — A never-seen-before underground mail network is set to open to public in London, 14 years after it closed down. The hidden maze of tunnels which opened in 1927 reportedly boasted of the first electric-powered rail lines in the world. The pioneer service was set up to try and beat congested London roads which in the 1920s were filled with horse and carts. Shut in 2003, the Mail Rail had eight stations […]

Craftsmen to help UNESCO rebuild old Aleppo

ALEPPO, Syria (Reuters) — Aleppo’s beleaguered Old City, shelled, burned and shot up during years of fighting in Syria’s civil war, could be rebuilt with the help of local craftsmen and trainees, according to the United Nations cultural body UNESCO. There are detailed plans for the Old City’s great medieval mosques, souks, bath houses and citadel from an earlier restoration that should allow exact reconstruction, a local UNESCO representative said. The fighting in Aleppo ended […]

Heart rate study tests emotional impact of Shakespeare

by Rosie Scammell Agence France Presse STRATFORD-UPON-AVON, United Kingdom (AFP) — In a world where on-screen violence has become commonplace, Britain’s Royal Shakespeare Company is turning to science to discover whether the playwright can still make our hearts race more than 400 years on. The renowned theater company has started measuring the pulse of audience members as they are confronted by some of the most harrowing scenes ever written by Shakespeare in the Roman tragedy […]

Bronze sculpture exhibit highlights art shaped from the hands of immigrants

By: Abigail S. Vital EBC New York Bureau NEW YORK (Eagle News) – Art has always been an important part of history, through its means of communicating the culture of a group of people, or simply a means of expressing oneself. Whether it is a painting, a drawing, or a sculpture, art is a medium that can be used to tell stories from different perspectives. One exhibit in New York City combines both history and […]

Rubik’s cube inventor says puzzle is “like love”

LA PLAINE SAINT-DENIS, France (Reuters) —  It’s been over four decades since Hungarian inventor and architect Erno Rubik created his best-selling toy cube, yet it continues to draw thousands to competitions all over the world, including the World Championship taking place this year just outside of Paris. A challenge for some, maddening for others, over the years enthusiasts have found thousands of ways to solve the puzzle. The cube takes its name from its inventor […]

Archaeologists go high-tech in 2,500-year-old Greek cold case

by Catherine BOITARD Agence France Presse ATHENS, Greece (AFP) — More than 2,500 years ago, an Athenian nobleman named Cylon — the first recorded Olympic champion — tried to take over the city of Athens and install himself as its sole ruler. According to Thucydides and Herodotus, Athenian and Greek historians who wrote about the coup, Cylon enticed an army of followers to enter the city and lay siege to the Acropolis. They were defeated, […]