EBC Films presents ‘Walang Take Two’ on YouTube

Eagle News — The internationally-acclaimed award winning film, “Walang Take Two,” is now available on EBC Films’ YouTube page.

“Walang Take Two,” is the first production of Iglesia Ni Cristo’s cinema production, INCinema, and EBC Films director Carlo Ortega Cuevas — in fact, his directorial film debut — which had since won several awards including the following:

  • 2015 Best Director in a Foreign Language Film, International Film Festival (IFF) LONDON
  • 2016 Best Film, Best in Cinematography in a Foreign Language Film, IFF MADRID SPAIN
  • 2016 Jury Award, Best Actress in a Foreign Language Film, IFF BERLIN GERMANY
  • 2016 Best Director of a Foreign Language Film, Best Actress, IFF MILAN ITALY
  • World Newcomer Filmmaker of the year, “Platinum World Award” for director Carlo Cuevas JAKARTA FILM AWARDS
  • Best Ensemble Acting, IFF Manhatttan 2016

“Walang Take Two” tells the story of an aspiring filmmaker, Hapi, as he desperately tries to fund and produce his first indie film. Out of options, Hapi takes out a big loan from the local loan shark, Alfajor. Discover how Hapi and his group of friends, managed to work together, to make Hapi’s dreams come true. The twists in Hapi’s life and those around him, punctuated with hilarious comedic situations and dramatic turn of events, are something which all audiences would appreciate.

The film — wonderfully crafted with cinematic twists and creative camera angles — gives lessons on the value of thriftiness, giving back love to one’s parents, and the importance of making well-studied decisions in life.  Life as seen through a camera lens becomes magnified in a backdrop of the lives of ordinary Filipino characters whom the audience can sympathize and empathize with.

INC INCinema’s promotional movie poster for Walang Take Two