DTI-Sarangani rolls out i-PMDP

ALABEL, Sarangani, (PIA) –  The Department of  Trade and Industry (DTI) – Sarangani provincial office  is  pushing  among local micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) engaged in food processing  its Integrated Product and Market Development Project (i-PMDP),  an enhanced  business development program. Processed food cluster is one of the prioritized sub-sectors under DTI’s industry clustering strategy. Engr. Nenita Barroso, DTI provincial director, said i-PMPD seeks to increase and sustain the supply of exportable-quality processed products of the province […]

L.A. water sommelier wants bottled water treated like wine

Water sommelier Martin Riese has seen the eye-roll and heard it before: “Water tastings? Only in L.A.” Los Angeles, birthplace of many food trends, may prove the perfect setting for the next phase in Riese’s campaign to make people think about water in the same way they think about wine. U.S. consumers spent $18.8 billion on bottled water last year, more than any other nation, according to Euromonitor International. And, the residents of drought-stricken California […]

Eggs with the aroma of citrus fruits

In Japan, there are eggs called “yuzu tama”  which have the taste and aroma of citrus fruits. They were named after yuzu, one of Japan’s most loved citrus fruits.   These eggs don’t have chemicals or other additives.  The hens that lay them are just fed with the rind of the citrus fruit yuzu, some kale, corn and sesame seeds.   These are produced in Kochi Prefecture located in the southwest corner of Shikoku Island.

Scientists find peanut-eating prevents allergy, urge rethink

In research that contradicts years of health advice, British scientists said on Monday that babies at risk of developing a childhood peanut allergy can avoid it if they are given peanuts regularly during their first 11 months. The study, the first to show that eating certain food is an effective way of preventing allergies, showed an 80 percent reduction in the prevalence of peanut allergies among high-risk children who ate peanuts frequently from infant hood, […]

Most expensive food in the world

Worth 40, 000 dollars per teaspoon, the White Gold Caviar is hailed as the most expensive food in the world. It is made from the eggs of the rare albino sturgeon from the Caspian Sea mixed with 22 carat gold.

Fishkill in Manila Bay and Pangasinan

The Philippine Coast Guard reported that there have been a series of fishkill with mullet fish floating in Manila Bay breakwater early dawn Monday. Bureau of Fisheries and Acquatic Resources (BFAR) said that “Dissolved oxygen levels from three sampling stations were at 1.2, “way below the normal oxygen level of five (and above)… to be able to sustain marine life.” This oxygen depletion in the water may have been the cause of the fish kills. […]

Urban agri can boost food security in cities—DA

QUEZON CITY- A mixture of urban agricultural production technologies can enable cities to produce their own food, complementing the government’s efforts in the countryside to maintain food security in the country, according to the Department of Agriculture (DA). At the launching of DA’s urban agriculture project in Las Piñas City on February 4, Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala said that urban agriculture can provide additional source of fresh and safe food and extra income for urban residents, […]

Want to live on the ‘roof of the world’? Grow barley

(Reuters) – The Tibetan Plateau, the harsh Asian domain known as the ‘roof of the world,’ would not seem an ideal place for people to call home thanks to its extreme altitude, frigid temperatures, relentless winds and low-oxygen conditions. When people did succeed in colonizing this remote land, it was only after they discovered how to feed themselves year-round with cold-hardy crops like barley brought to the region from far away, scientists said on Thursday. […]

Better brown than white: moving towards a healthier form of rice

MANILA, Philippines (PIA/DOST) — The “unli-rice” phenomenon is proof that rice is the most commonly consumed food item of Filipinos.  Rice is the staple food among Filipinos which contributes about 35.7 percent of the average daily individual food intake, making it the major source of carbohydrates in the Filipino diet. The Food Consumption Survey (FCS) by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST) showed that the daily rice […]