IRRI’s iron-rich “miracle rice” ready by year 2029: Can the country’s poor wait?

By Rommel B. David It was 11:30am. Passengers were rushing to and from the port area of Allen in Northern Samar in Eastern Visayas. We were among the people at the port entrance. The sweltering temperature coming from the sea doubled the scorching heat of the sun. The humid air dampened our skin while the rays of the sun blinded our eyes. The heat made it difficult to use the improvised ladder to disembark from […]

Fast food products contribute to increased risk of chronic diseases – study

By Aerol B. Patena MANILA (PNA) — — Consuming fast food products can increase the risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and diabetes among the youth, a recent study conducted by researchers from the University of the Philippines-Diliman showed. The research showed that most fast food products that are consumed by young people were dense in energy but low in fiber. Meaty dishes were found out to have exceeded the recommended […]

Cebu’s Best Filipino Cuisine Restaurants

If you looking for a great taste of Filipino Cuisine, the Queen City of South (Cebu City) has a lot to offer. Let’s take a tour of some of the best restaurants in Cebu that serves great and excellent Filipino Cuisines. 1. AA Barbeque Restaurant – iconic dining place for the best barbeque dishes – grilled pork belly, grilled seafood and delectable char-broiled chicken dishes. From a humble single location in Lahug, the bbq fever have […]

Top 5 Famous Cafés in Bacolod City

By Natalie Kate Ann Juntado If you are heading to Bacolod City, more popularly known as the City of Smiles  for a short vacation or business meeting, you shouldn’t miss visiting at least one of Bacolod’s cake and coffee shops which are located in the most busy streets of the city. Bacolod is known as the Sugar Cane Capital of the Philippines, so there’s no doubt why Bacolod is filled with cafes where people gather […]

Why is Honey is the most perfect product of nature?

  Honey is the most perfect product of nature because it contains almost all the ingredients that make up the human body. It is not surprising that it is an indispensable ingredient in many households, and with proper eating this sweet and thick juice turns into a medicine. Do you take honey without the liquid, it is desirable to keep it in the mouth until it dissolves. When you put it in the tea drink, […]