PNP reports 14 more COVID-19 cases

(Eagle News) — COVID-19 cases among police personnel rose to 42,285 with the addition of 14 cases.

This is the second consecutive day the Philippine National Police reported double-digit figures in additional COVID-19 cases.

According to the PNP, of the total cases, 52 were active.

One additional recovery pushed the total PNP recoveries to 42108.

No additional deaths were reported, which means the PNP COVID-19 death toll remains at 125.

The Department of Health has warned against the possibility of an “exponential growth” in COVID-19 cases following the detection of three local Omicron variant cases which it said could mean there was already a local transmission of the highly transmissible variant in the country.

So far, there are 14 Omicron variant cases in the country, including imported cases.

The DOH also noted a “continued decrease” in adherence to minimum public health protocols.

The independent OCTA research group has said Metro Manila was now again at “high risk” for COVID-19, with its positivity rate, or the number of people who tested positive for COVID-19 among those who were tested, climbing to 28%.

The COVID-19 reproduction number in Metro Manila, the group said, has also climbed to 4.05, the highest since April 1, 2020.