DFA: More Filipinos leave Afghanistan; 90 remain

(Eagle News) — Ninety Filipinos remain in Afghanistan, where the Department of Foreign Affairs is currently undertaking repatriation efforts.

According to the DFA, so far, 79 Filipinos were requesting repatriation.

The other night, two attempts were made to evacuate Filipinos via New Delhi and Islamabad but the efforts were unsuccessful because of the cancellation of all commercial flights.

“As experienced by the groups last night, access to and even within the airport is very difficult, and if able to check in, this is still no assurance that a flight would be able to leave,” the department said.

Twelve Filipinos, however, managed to leave through the help of their employers only recently, with seven evacuating to Qatar and five evacuating to the United Kingdom.

“There are reports of other Filipinos who have left Kabul which our embassies are verifying. In all cases, the DFA will assist in their return to the Philippines,” the department said.

The department advised Filipinos in Afghanistan to be prepared to leave at a moment’s notice and to be prepared to leave with minimal luggage.

The DFA has raised alert level 4 over Afghanistan, where the Taliban has taken over the reins of government.

Earlier, the DFA said it had repatriated 32 Filipinos from Afghanistan so far.