Beach mat charges phones and keeps drinks cool

Forgetting to charge your phone before heading to the beach need not mean social isolation anymore. This is Beachill – a beach mat that uses solar power to revive dead batteries. It also has a small in-built fridge to keep drinks cool. Beachill was originally a university project by Lebanese student Antoine Sayah. But after his tutors advised him to go into business he sold 60 Beachills in just two weeks. Inventor of Beachill, Antoine […]

Strong parent-child bond can avert substance abuse

(PIA) —  Parents should uphold strong family bond with their children to prevent substance abuse among young people. Dr. Therese Castañeda, psychiatrist at the Pototan Treatment and Rehabilitation Center, said that parents are the first line of defense for children to avert drug or alcohol abuse. “Parents should know what their children’s hobbies are, their likes, in order to maintain that open communication,” she said. She said that parents should also set as good examples […]

How to make corporate attire cool and fun for guys

QUEZON City, Philippines (September 16) – Most dread the idea of corporate attire, finding it confining, stifling, boring, stodgy, conservative, dull… as you can see, I don’t like the idea of corporate attire as well. But we are adults now, or at least young adult professionals. So, we must follow the corporate attire dress code. But don’t worry, wearing corporate attire can be fun and cool! Tired of the traditional black, gray or dark blue. […]

Costa Rica invaded by thousands of sea turtles

(Eagle News) — The shorelines of Costa Rica was invaded by thousands of sea turtles or “pawikan” to lay their eggs. In Costa Rica, the natural phenomenon was called “Aribada: which means “arrival” in Spanish. (Eagle News Service Jay Paul Carlos, Jericho Morales, MRFaith Bonalos)

Apple’s new iPhone pre-orders boom in China

The demand for Apple’s latest addition – iPhone 6s is much stronger in China as compared to other parts of the world, including the U.S., according to the latest data unveiled by Apple’s news blog. The inventory blog of iPhone tracked the back-order status of various iPhone models by screen shots of Apple’s estimated waiting time. On Sept 12, shipping waiting time for the new iPhone 6s Plus in China stood at three to four […]

“F” grades for Starbucks, Subway

(Reuters) — All but five of 25 U.S. fast food and fast-casual chains got “F” grades for their antibiotic policies, according to a report by public interest groups including Friends of the Earth and the National Resources Defense Council. Among them: Starbucks, Subway, Wendy’s and Domino’s Pizza. The companies couldn’t immediately comment because they had not been given the results before publication. The report said, “Most top U.S. chain restaurants… have so far failed to […]

New car performs record-breaking loop the loop

(Reuters) — Jaguar’s new sports car entered the record books on Monday (September 14) when it took the title for performing the largest ever loop the loop in a car ever. Guinness World Records said the Jaguar F-PACE driven by stunt driver Terry Grant successfully completed a 19.08 m tall, 360 degree circle. Grant drove the car after two months of intense preparation, with the international pro driver having to ensure his body was ready […]

World most expensive cake

SEPTEMBER 15 (Eagle News) — The world’s most expensive cake was customized and created by British designer Debbie Wingham, who is previously known in creating the world’s most expensive dress in the industry. The extravagant dessert is a six-foot long confection of a runway fashion show. The cake included 4,000 diamonds, including a pink diamond, yellow carat diamond and white diamonds. The decadent cake purchased by an unidentified buyer in the United Arab Emirates said […]

NEDA to discuss impact of climate change on Philippine agriculture, economic growth

MANILA, Sep. 15 — The National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) will be holding a policy discussion on the effects of climate change on the country’s agriculture sector and its relative impact on economic growth. NEDA together with the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS), will organize the high-level policy form and research symposium, which will be held on September 18-19, 2015 at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel, Mandaluyong […]

The “pabebe” phenomenon

QUEZON City, Philippines (September 9) – Nowadays, it’s so easy to influence people! Any video uploaded in the social media has the potential of becoming the next viral phenomenon – and like its namesake, can infect thousands! Recently, the “pabebe” phenomenon has captured the nation’s zeitgeist, inspiring a lot of copycats as well as generating lots and lots of criticism. The netizens are divided about the pabebe – is it good or bad? We will […]

Dengue outbreak deals heavy blow to tourism in south Taiwan

SEPTEMBER 14 (CCTV) — The outbreak of dengue fever in Taiwan has dealt a heavy blow to tourism in its southern region. Latest official statistics show that dengue fever infection has now amounted to 9,103 cases across the island in southeast China. The worst-hit region Tainan alone suffered 8,022 cases. Tourism revenue in Tainan has dropped by half due to a sharp plummet in tourist arrivals, according to authorities. “My business shrunk by almost 20 […]

Over-eating instant noodles can be dangerous to your health

MANILA, Philippines, September 14 (Eagle News) — According to the latest study of the Harvard University, too much eating of instant noodles is dangerous to the health because it contains elements that increase the possibility of having heart problems and stroke. (Eagle News Service Jay Paul Carlos, Jericho Morales, MRFaith Bonalos)