Fashion meets function with robotic zipper

Struggling with a zipper that won’t budge – we’ve all been there. Forgetting to pull up your fly, most of us have been there to. Those frustrating and sometimes embarrassing moments may soon be a thing of the past thanks to this – meet zipperbot – the world’s first robot specifically designed to ensure that you’re never caught with your fly down. Zipperbot is the brainchild of Adam Whiton of the Personal Robotics Group at […]

Fishkill in Manila Bay and Pangasinan

The Philippine Coast Guard reported that there have been a series of fishkill with mullet fish floating in Manila Bay breakwater early dawn Monday. Bureau of Fisheries and Acquatic Resources (BFAR) said that “Dissolved oxygen levels from three sampling stations were at 1.2, “way below the normal oxygen level of five (and above)… to be able to sustain marine life.” This oxygen depletion in the water may have been the cause of the fish kills. […]