Google building new messaging app

Google’s messaging services, Hangouts and Messenger, didn’t get much traction. So it’s trying again. The Wall Street Journal reports Google is building a new mobile messaging service to take on the giants of the industry: Facebook’s WhatsApp and Tencent’s WeChat. Users of Google’s new app will be able to text their buddies or use it to look for answers. The Journal says it’s not known when Google will launch the service or what it’ll be […]

Vaccine against dengue may soon be available

According to Secretary of Health Janet Garin, it is possible that before the year ends, the very first anti-dengue vaccine may be released to the public. Said vaccine is now at the last phase of deliberation of the Food and Drug Administration. (Eagle News Service Described by Jay Paul Carlos, Video Editing by Dexter Magno, Uploaded by MRFaith Bonalos)

Nicholas Cage returns stolen Mongolian dinosaur skull he bought

Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage has agreed to turn over a rare stolen dinosaur skull he bought for $276,000 to U.S. authorities so it can be returned to the Mongolian government. The office of Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney in Manhattan, filed a civil forfeiture complaint last week to take possession of the Tyrannosaurus bataar skull, which will be repatriated to Mongolia. The lawsuit did not specifically name Cage as the owner, but Cage’s publicist confirmed […]

Dawn spacecraft takes best ever images of dwarf planet Ceres

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has taken the best images yet seen of the dwarf planet Ceres, showing the cratered surface of the planet in great detail. Ceres is a miniature planet beyond Mars believed to be left over from the formation of the solar system. The newly-released images were taken on December 10 at the lowest altitude flown yet by Dawn, just 240 miles (385 kilometers) above the planet’s surface, a NASA statement said. The photos, […]

PH now has 415 classified caves

The country now has a total of 415 classified caves, which the government is required to preserve and ensure their sustainable use. This developed as the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has classified an additional 51 caves to guide communities on their responsible management. Prior to this, 364 caves had already been classified by the agency according to their characteristics. “As with other natural resources, caves are natural treasures that we need to […]

Uber and Grab car: What is it?

QUEZON City, Philippines (December 21) – Some maybe wondering or still don’t know what an UBER or a Grab Car is? UBER and Grab Car are online-based ride-sharing vehicles operated using mobile app that connects passengers with drivers using their private vehicles, which permit commuters to use their smartphones to book a ride and submit a request on their pick-up and drop-off locations. On average, it only takes the UBER and Grab Car driver a minute […]

DA guarantees meat supply during holiday season

Despite the successive storms that affected the country, the Department of Agriculture guaranteed that there is an ample supply of pork and poultry products for the holiday season but said meat products experienced a 5-peso price increase in several markets, in particular, the Balintawak market. (Eagle News Service Described by Jay Paul Carlos, Video Editing by Dexter Magno, Uploaded by MRFaith Bonalos)

Coffee vs. Tea

QUEZON City, Philippines (December 21) – Once upon a time, there was coffee and there was tea. An Ethiopian legend said that Kaldi discovered coffee after noticing that his goats were energetic after eating berries from a certain tree. Kaldi told this to an abbot of local monastery and made a drink out of berries. He discovered that the drink made him energetic that he stayed alert for long hours of evening prayer so he shared […]

Study – Flapping wings keeps hummingbirds cool

New research reveals how hummingbirds use their wings while in flight to avoid overheating. Dr. Donald R. Powers, professor of Biology at George Fox University in Oregon and lead researcher of the study, published his findings in the journal Royal Society Open Science on Wednesday (December 16). Flight muscles of birds generate excess heat that must dissipate in order to avoid overheating but dissipating the heat is difficult because birds are covered in feathers designed […]

“Banat ka ba?”

QUEZON City, Philippines (December 16) – Do you have a crush on someone? Are you friendzoned Are you a hopia? Are you hopelessly romantic? Want to strike good points on your object of affection? Banatan mo nga! Literally speaking, “banat” as a verb means to strike, sock, bow, to hit something as. But today, young Pinoys use the term “banat” to strike for pogi or ganda points. Here’s an example of a typical banat: “Bagyo ka ba?( Are you a […]

Bomb-proof bag could suppress explosion on aircraft

A series of controlled explosions in the luggage hold of an aircraft were successfully contained by a bomb-proof lining developed by an international team of scientists. The technology shows how a plane’s luggage hold may be able to contain the force of an explosion if a device hidden in an item of luggage detonates. The Fly-Bag is made from multiple layers of fabrics and composites that have high strength and impact, and heat resistance. The […]


  QUEZON City, Philippines (December 15) – To the people who loved but was hurt… I can’t say how long it would take, but take all the hugot you need. Hugot literally means something being pulled out but nowadays, it is used to express an emotion deep within. Trending in social media, hugot is another way to channel the unbearable pain and express it. Whether it’s about romance, friendship or life as long as it’s something […]