Removing playground benches may get adults moving

By Elizabeth DeVita-Raeburn NEW YORK Thu Mar 6, 2014 2:04pm EST (Reuters Health) – Getting adults to be more active on visits to children’s playgrounds could be as simple as removing the temptation to sit, a small new study suggests. Inspired during his daily lunchtime walks by the sight of parents sitting on playground benches, a U.S. researcher has shown that moving the seating away from the area increased the amount of exercise that parents […]

Older adults may struggle with excess possessions

By Allison Bond NEW YORK Thu Mar 6, 2014 2:03pm EST (Reuters Health) – A lifetime’s worth of acquisitions and mementos may bring comfort to older adults, but this “material convoy” can also become more burdensome with age, U.S. researchers say. Based on a national survey, a new study finds that after age 50, people become less and less likely to sell or donate items they no longer need – possibly because doing so becomes […]

Astronomers witness never-before-seen asteroid break-up

WASHINGTON, March 7 (PNA/Xinhua) — Astronomers said Thursday they have witnessed for the first time the breakup of an asteroid, disintegrating into as many as 10 smaller pieces at a “leisurely” speed. The crumbling asteroid, designated P/2013 R3, was first noticed as an unusual, fuzzy-looking object by ground-based telescopes in Arizona on Sept. 15, 2013, the researchers reported in the U.S. journal Astrophysical Journal Letters. A follow-up observation on Oct. 1 with the W. M. […]

Exosuit Promises To Take Ocean Explorers To New Depths

(Reuters) — The new Exosuit promises to take deep-divers deep underwater so they can explore marine life up close as never before. The next-generation Exosuit was unveiled at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York on Thursday (February 27). The Exosuit Atmospheric Diving System stands about 6.5 feet tall (2 meters) and weighs more than 530 pounds (240 kilograms). “Imagine putting on a suit of armor essentially,” said Michael Lombardi, the diving safety officer at the American Museum of Natural History. He added, “You […]

Researchers Cure Diabetes In Mice

  (Reuters)– Using the power of regenerative medicine, a team of scientists have been able to effectively cure a mouse of diabetes. The research, led by Dr. Sheng Ding of the Gladstone Institute in San Francisco, uses a new method to decode and genetically modify skin cells into insulin producing beta cells. Type 1 diabetes, which usually manifests during childhood, is caused by the destruction of beta-cells, which normally reside in the pancreas and produces a hormone called insulin. Without insulin, […]

Simple Thoughts To Beat Mid-Week Blues: Typography

Beat Mid-Week Blues Graphics and Content By: Natalie Kate Juntado (Eagle News PH) The most crucial days of the week are Wednesday and Thursday, that is why a lot of people, especially students and employees are feeling a little bit lazy to run errands. But sometimes all we need is a bunch of ideas to inspire us to do more. It maybe in the form of words from someone who pushes us to work hard. […]

Nine-month-old baby may have been cured of HIV, U.S. scientists say

(Reuters) – A 9-month-old baby who was born in California with the HIV virus that leads to AIDS may have been cured as a result of treatments that doctors began just four hours after her birth, medical researchers said on Wednesday. That child is the second case, following an earlier instance in Mississippi, in which doctors may have brought HIV in a newborn into remission by administering antiretroviral drugs in the first hours of life, […]

Exclusive: DirecTV in talks with Disney on deal for Internet rights

By Ronald Grover and Liana B. Baker Wed Mar 5, 2014 6:37pm EST (Reuters) – DirecTV is in talks with Walt Disney Co to license the rights to offer Disney’s broadcast and cable channels as part of an Internet-based product, mirroring a first-of-its kind agreement that Disney and satellite rival Dish Network announced earlier this week. “The deal and terms are not unexpected as the Dish contract was the most recent in the Disney timeline […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Why You Should Start Saving in Your 20’s

Start Saving In Your 20’s By: Natalie Kate Ann Juntado   People in their 20’s often fail to understand what is financial planning. Some think that financial planning is costly and unnecessary.  This is the age when some young people thirst to prove themselves by having a nice and impressive career.  Others are simply in that extravagant mode when money is wasted on things not considered important in their actual daily lives.  Still, some just […]

Why You Should Quit Smoking?

Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking Now By: Natalie Kate Ann Juntado   Once you have stopped the habit of smoking, you’ll soon realize how good it is for your health. Some may find it difficult to quit, but as you start doing the right thing for your health, by starting off with yourself, you’ll feel great from within. Here, we share you the reasons why you should quit smoking right now, yes right now, […]

Springing out of the gym into the sun? Take time to thaw out

(Reuters) – Fitness warriors eager to step out of the gym at the first sign of spring should exercise caution, fitness experts say, noting that hitting the open road is more taxing than running on a treadmill, and mountain trails are bumpier than a spinning class. Even conditioned people may need a period of adjustment to transition safely into working out in the open air. “The harsher the winter, the more we have to be […]

Apple launches iPhone voice control for drivers

(Reuters) – Apple makes its next move in hands-free smartphone technology for car drivers when it unveils a new, integrated iPhone voice-control system at the Geneva Motor Show this week. The U.S. company’s CarPlay makes its debut in Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo vehicles at the show, demonstrating the software system that allows drivers to control their iPhones via touch and voice, Apple said on Monday. Carmakers have already enabled some access to smartphones via bluetooth […]