World Wide Web on its 25th Anniversary

Happy 25th Birthday World Wide Web!

World-Wide-WebToday, people from across the globe are joining Tim Berners Lee in – the man who changed the way how world communicate, wishing the World Wide Web a happy 25th birthday.


World Wide Web made our life a lot more easier in so many ways, admit it, am sure you do. Since the beginning of W3, information was never been a hassle to us searchers. Whenever we are looking for something or someone, in just one click of the search button, everything is handed to us right at the very moment. We cannot imagine the advancement and improvement since the World Wide Web made possible by Tim Berners- Lee back on 1980’s.

World Wide Web helped us to communicate every single person we know without struggling too much. The advancement of virtual communication gave us the opportunity to connect to our love ones who are apparently away from us.The growth of social media sites and blogging platforms has a greater impacts to all netizens around the world  because these opened doors to many to express theirselves and share their thoughts where they can’t tell to people. World Wide Web was a tool for some to earn money as well.

“The Web’s billions of users are what have made it great,” said Berners-Lee. “I hope that many of them will join me today in celebrating this important milestone. I also hope this anniversary will spark a global conversation about our need to defend principles that have made the Web successful, and to unlock the Web’s untapped potential. I believe we can build a Web that truly is for everyone: one that is accessible to all, from any device, and one that empowers all of us to achieve our dignity, rights and potential as humans.”

In line with this, you can visit the Web’s 25th anniversary site to check out their activities and events all year long! Yes, W3 is celebrating its 25th year from now on up to March 12, 2015.

Watch Tim Berners-Lee’s message to everyone on the Web’s 25th anniversary.

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