WellMed owner’s camp cries illegal arrest, files petition for writ of habeas corpus

Bryan Sy, a co-owner of the WellMed Dialysis Center, is escorted on Tuesday, June 11, to Branch 20 of the Manila Regional Trial Court, where his wife filed a petition for writ of habeas corpus. Sy’s camp argued he had been arrested illegally. /Screenshot of video from Moira Encina/Eagle News/

(Eagle News)–The camp of an owner of the WellMed Dialysis Center, which has been accused of processing PhilHealth medical benefits of deceased patients, has filed a petition for a writ of habeas corpus.

The wife of Bryan Sy applied for the writ, a safeguard against warrantless arrests and illegal detention, before Branch 20 of the Manila Regional Trial Court a day after he was arrested by the National Bureau of Investigation following reports of the “ghost” dialysis.

The NBI had said it would file a case for estafa against Sy.

In filing the petition, Sy’s lawyer Rowell Ilagan argued his client’s arrest was illegal.

“So there is an unlawful deprivation of liberty kasi there is no warrant and the circumstances do not fall within the valid warrantless arrest as provided by Rule 113 Section 5 of the Rules of Court,” he said.

The court deemed the  petition submitted for resolution after Sy made an appearance today.

Sy  underwent inquest proceedings at the Department of Justice later in the day. With a report from Moira Encina