WellMed denies claiming PhilHealth benefits for dead patients

(Eagle News)–The PhilHealth-accredited healthcare provider WellMed Dialysis Center denied on Thursday, June 6, the allegations of two of its former employees that it was processing claims of dead patients.

“WellMed and its owners did not and would not, in any way, consent to, or participate in any ‘ghost dialysis’ or fraudulent scheme as described by Mr. Roberto,”  WellMed’s legal team  Gargantiel Ilagan & Atanante said in a statement.

The law firm was referring to Edwin Roberto, who approached former Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque for help.

But according to WellMed’s lawyers, it was Roberto, the company’s former assistant manager, and Liezel Santos, former  cashier, who “connived” to execute the “fraudulent scheme.”

The law firm said it would file charges against Santos and Roberto.

Meanwhile, the law firm said WellMed has already filed its answer to the complaints with PhilHealth “and will continue to give its full cooperation in PhilHealth’s investigation in order that the true perpetrators of the fraudulent scheme would be held accountable.”

PhilHealth CEO and President Roy Ferrer said it has already filed 28 administrative cases against WellMed over the alleged  benefit claims for non-existent kidney treatments.