Vehicular emissions, not just Taal, also to blame for smog monitored in Metro Manila: PHIVOLCS

(Eagle News) — The smog observed in Metro Manila cannot be fully attributed to Taal Volcano, a Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology official said.

In a dzbb radio interview, PHIVOLCS’ Volcano Monitoring and Eruption Prediction Division head Mariton Bornas said a “thermal inversion” of the atmosphere was taking place, which also prevents pollutants from dissipating.

“This is mainly vehicular emissions,” she added.

In an advisory on Thursday afternoon, PHIVOLCS warned of a volcanic smog or vog over the volcano, with a total of 4569 tons of volcanic sulfur dioxide emissions monitored from the Taal main crater.

PHIVOLCS reminded the affected communities to avoid outdoor activities, and to shut doors and windows.

“If belonging to the particularly sensitive group of people above, watch over yourself and seek help from a doctor or the barangay health unit if needed, especially If serious effects are experienced,” PHIVOLCS said.

Taal volcano remains on alert level 1.