To prevent repeat of water shortage, MWSS reiterates proposal for a Department of Water

Denies there was concerted effort for economic sabotage; says Manila Water at fault

(Eagle News) — The chief of the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System on Friday, March 15, reiterated his proposal for the creation of a Department of Water to prevent a repeat of the water shortage in parts of Metro Manila and Rizal.

Patrick Ty, chief MWSS regulator, said such a department would be able to “streamline” all the agencies and institutions related to the management and distribution of water.

“Ang problema kasi, maraming masyadong agencies,” he said.

Ty made the proposal as he dismissed speculations there was a concerted effort for economic sabotage amid the water shortage in several areas serviced by Manila Water.

He said Manila Water was to blame for the water shortage.

“False accusations”

He also dismissed accusations against him online that he ordered the closure of the structural bypass at La Mesa dam to allow for water to go to the other water concessionaire, Maynilad, instead.

One Angel Salazar had said the closure resulted in the “drying up” of La Mesa dam, where Manila Water sources the water it serves its customers.

“I never ordered the bypass closed,” Ty said.

He added the bypass was open even before the shortage, a fact that the head of Maynilad’s water supply operations, Ronaldo Padua, attested to in a radio interview.

“(Manila Water) has  been receiving the 1600 (millions of liters daily). Maynilad is also getting its share,” Ty said.