Sotto says based on “A-1” intel report, “millions” being paid for release of some convicts under GCTA law in BuCor

(Eagle News)–Senate President Tito Sotto on Wednesday, Sept. 4, said he received an “A-1” intelligence report “millions” of pesos were being paid for the release of some convicts under the Good Credit Time Allowance Law in the Bureau of Corrections.

Sotto did not say who gave him the information, but said the person was very credible.

Neither did Sotto say who exactly received the supposed payoffs, only noting that there were go-betweens.

He added the killing of Ruperto Traya, BuCor chief administrative officer 3, was connected with the release of convicts.

Sotto said he has shared the information with Senator Ping Lacson.

The information, he added, would be tackled on Thursday’s hearing into the GCTA law.

BuCor Director-General Nicanor Faeldon has already denied there was corruption related to the release of convicts under the GCTA law, saying he was willing to undergo a lifestyle check.