SC starts implementation of Judges-At-Large law

(Eagle News)-The Supreme Court has started  implementing the Judges-At-Large law.

In a resolution en banc, the SC formally opened 50 of the 150 posts for the roving judges under RA 11459 that aims to resolve the backlog of cases in courts.

Of the 50, 30 are regional trial court judges-at-large posts while 20 are municipal trial court judges-at-large posts.

The SC also ordered the Office of the Administrative Services of the Office of the Court Administrator to submit to the Department of Budget and Management the newly created posts so that they could be included in the Personnel Services Itemization Act as part of the national budget.

The SC has also asked the OCA’s Financial Management Office to submit to the DBM the request-letter for the formal creation of the posts, and the issuance of a notice of organization, staffing and compensation action.

It also asked the agency to release the supplemental allotment release order and the notice of cash allocation for the implementation  of the law.

Under the law signed by President Rodrigo Duterte last year, the judges-at-large will receive pay, privileges, allowance and benefits befitting an RTC judge. Moira Encina