SC: Almost 92 percent completed 2022 bar exams

(Eagle News) — Almost 92 percent completed the 2022 bar exams, the Supreme Court said.

According to the SC, 9,183 out of 10,006 bar examinees, in particular, completed the tests on Sunday afternoon.

The resulting 91.77% attendance rate was lower than the 9,190 or 91.84% who took the tests on the third day.

Meanwhile, 9,184 out of 10,006 or 91.78% of applicants were present on Sunday morning.

The 2022 bar exams were held last Nov. 9, Nov. 13, Nov. 16 and Nov. 20.

Earlier, the SC said those who couldn’t push through with the exams due to “Paeng” could apply for a refund of their fees.