SC: All court hearings suspended from March 13 to 18

(Eagle News)–Chief Justice Diosdado Peralta has suspended all court hearings from March 13 to 18.

The SC said the suspension covers hearings in first, second and collegiate courts.

The High Court said the decision was made “in furtherance of AC 26-2020 earlier issued today, upon the recommendation of the Office of the Court Administrator, based on its monitoring of the situation and consultation from executive judges, presiding judges and court personnel, including officials of the Supreme Court..”

During the period, justices and judges are directed to conduct the following:

1. Reset hearings and inform parties of the new schedule;
2. Disinfect court premises;
3. Pen orders and decisions;
4. Act on other matters pending before their respective courts.

“Justices and judges are likewise expected to continue to report to the Office of the Court Administrator any development or circumstance regarding the spread of Covid-19,” the SC said.

The Philippines has so far confirmed 52 confirmed COVID-19 cases. With a report from Moira Encina