Recto files bill mandating installation of solar energy systems in all gov’t offices

(Eagle News)–Senator Ralph Recto has filed a bill seeking to have all government buildings and offices utilize solar energy systems in a reported bid to reduce utility costs and promote the development of renewable energy resources.

Under Senate Bill No. 48 or the bill on Solar Energy in National Government Offices, Recto seeks the installation of solar energy systems that can initially  supply 10 percent of the power supply of government offices or buildings.

The installation shall be done by the Department of Public Works and Highways in coordination with the Department of Energy within 60 days after the bill is enacted into law.

The expenses, the senator said, shall be charged against any available funds of the government agencies, with the subsequent funding requirements to be included in the General Appropriations Act.

Under the bill, the  systems’ capacity to supply  shall gradually increase annually for five years until it reaches the capacity to supply 50 percent of the power requirements of all government offices and buildings.

Solar energy, Recto said, is the most abundant RE resource that can be installed to generate power at a faster rate unlike fossil fuel-based power plants which require a minimum three to five years of gestation period.

“Also, it will not affect our foreign currency reserves as imported petroleum and other fossil fuels do,” Recto said.