Pulse Asia: Duterte, Sotto, Robredo enjoy majority trust, approval ratings

Distrust the plurality sentiment toward Arroyo, pollster says

(Eagle News)—-Filipinos by and large approve of the performance of three high-ranking government officials in the country–President Rodrigo Duterte, Senate President Tito Sotto, and Vice President Leni Robredo–and trust them, results of a recent Pulse Asia survey showed.

A whopping 81 percent of Filipinos “express appreciation” for the performance of Duterte, the December 14 to 21 survey  showed, up from the 75 percent he got in September.

Duterte registered majority trust scores, with 76 percent, again up from the 72 percent in September, with his  high approval and trust ratings cutting across geographical and socioeconomic classes.

Following Duterte was Senate President Tito Sotto, with 74 percent of Filipinos expressing appreciation for his performance, and a 66 percent trust score.

According to Pulse Asia, Sotto also has the approval and trust of Filipinos across geographical and socioeconomic classes.

Sixty-two percent of Filipinos express appreciation for Robredo’s performance, with a 56 percent trust score.

Unlike Duterte and Sotto, though, results of the survey showed less than half of the members of the ABC class trust the vice president, Pulse Asia said.


According to Pulse Asia, distrust was the plurality sentiment toward Speaker Gloria Arroyo.

Ambivalence on the matter of trusting or distrusting  officials was more marked toward the speaker, with 34 percent, Pulse Asia said.

The only majority figure obtained by the Speaker is her 52 percent distrust rating in Metro Manila, the survey said.