President Duterte to Filipinos on Rizal Day: Emulate the greater good, keep embers of nationalism alive

(Eagle News)-President Rodrigo Duterte expressed hope generations of young Filipinos will emulate the “greater good” of Dr. Jose Rizal, whose heroism is commemorated today.

In a statement, Duterte also expressed hope the freedom Filipinos now enjoy as a people “be cherished, be further fortified and be kept thriving through the solidarity that we show in combatting the ills of illegal drugs, corruption and criminality.”

“Let us keep the embers of nationalism alive as we courageously face the challenges of apathy and divisiveness, and triumph over them just like what Rizal did tenaciously more than 120 years ago,” he said.

“Together, let us strengthen and protect our liberty that our heroes have so unselfishly shed their blood for,” he added.