President Duterte says he wants Sinas to remain as NCRPO chief: I need him in his post

“It’s not his fault kung may mangharana sa kaniya,” President says

President Rodrigo Duterte has defended NCRPO chief Debold Sinas, calling him an “honest” and “good” man./PCOO/

(Eagle News)–President Rodrigo Duterte has said it was he who didn’t want National Capital Region Police Office Chief Debold Sinas “transferred,” noting he was a “good” and “honest” officer.

According to the President, it wasn’t Sinas’ fault “kung may mangharana sa kaniya.”

“It is his time to be there. I do not believe in just firing him just because kinantahan siya ng happy birthday,” he said.

As for supposed pictures showing some people at the party not wearing masks, the President said since there was food, “alangan naman kainin nila yung mask.”

He said he needed Sinas in his post, noting his seniority.

“Mas kailangan ko yung tao dito sa trabaho niya,” the President said.

Earlier, Philippine National Police Chief Archie Gamboa expressed hope the public would understand why Sinas would stay on as NCRPO chief, noting it was “hard to replace” him amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

He noted Sinas was leading the charge in implementing community quarantine rules in Metro Manila, and also had inĀ  place COVID-19 programs.

Earlier, the Palace said Sinas would be charged over the gathering, based on information from Gamboa.