President Duterte formalizes ban on vaping in public, sale of unregistered e-cigarettes

(Eagle News)–President Rodrigo Duterte has formalized the ban on  vaping in public and the sale of unregistered e-cigarettes.

The President signed Executive Order No. 106 months after he said he would issue the ban on their public use and importation.

Under the EO,all e-liquids, solutions or refills forming components of Electronic Nicotine and Non-Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS/ENNDS) or heated tobacco products (HTPs) have to register with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

All devices forming components of ENDS/ENNDS or HTPs should also follow  the product standards imposed by the Department of Trade and Industry and the FDA.

Vaping, the EO said, may be allowed in a building or a conveyance, which may be an open space or a separate area with ventilation.

Under the EO, the use, sale or purchase of cigarettes or other tobacco products by a minor, or of ENDS/ENNDS, HTPs, or their components by a person below 21 years old is banned.

The sale or distribution of these products is also prohibited within 100 meters from any school, public playground, and other areas where there are minors.