PNP: No more severe COVID-19 cases in our ranks as of Sunday, 6 a.m.

(Eagle News)–The Philippine National Police on Monday, June 1, said it no longer had severe COVID-19 cases among its infected personnel.

PNP Chief Archie Gamboa said all active 247 cases are either under home quarantine (18) or are in quarantine facilities (129) for mild to moderate cases as of Sunday, 6 a.m.

“As of yesterday, we have posted a recovery rate of 51.9% of the total 315 confirmed cases among PNP personnel, 163 of whom have since recovered while no new deaths were reported since April,” Gamboa said.

According to Gamboa, of the 163 recovered cases, 109 or 67% have yet to complete the required quarantine period while 54 cases or 33% have been declared as completely recovered.

“The past months, while undoubtedly difficult, further strengthens the PNPs resolve to fulfill our mandate as leaders, protectors and defenders of our people,” Gamboa said.

“Together, we will redefine the ‘new normal’ framework, with your health and safety paramount at all times. We ask for your patience and continued cooperation – as we seek an end to the threat of this pandemic,” he added.