PMA identifies cadets allegedly behind Dormitorio’s death due to hazing

Also names other sanctioned cadets, officers

(Eagle News)–The Philippine Military Academy on Tuesday, Sept. 24, revealed the identities of those allegedly behind the death of Cadet 4th Class Darwin Dormitorio due to hazing.

The PMA said for their “direct participation,” Cadet 3rd Class Shalimar Imperial and Cadet 3rd Class Felix Lumbag have been kicked out from the academy.

Also dismissed for “encouraging maltreatment” were Cadet 1st Class Axl Rey Sanupao, and Squad Leader Cadet 2nd Class Nickoel Termil for command responsibility.

The PMA said platoon leader Cadet 1st Class Irvin Sayud and commanding officer¬† Cadet 1st Class Elbert Lucas were, on the other hand, “for suspension.”

Cadet First Class Christian Correa, the floor inspector, would also face a penalty for a “class 1 offense,” the PMA said.

The PMA identified the two military officers who were  relieved on Monday, Sept. 23, as Major Rex Bolo (senior tactical officer) and Captain Jeffrey Batistiana (tactical officer).

Hospital officers including Colonel Cesar Candelaria (commanding officer) and Captain Flor Apostol (attending physician) would also be sanctioned after Dormitorio, who had gone to the hospital before he passed away, was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection instead.

The PMA had said it was looking into whether there was a deliberate attempt to hide the hazing with the diagnosis.

On Tuesday, Sept. 24, Lt. Gen. Ronnie Evangelista, PMA superintendent, resigned, citing command responsibility.

“All the reports for administrative and criminal cases are now finished and prosecution procedures (have) now commenced..,” he said.