PHL COVID-19 cases rise to 2,837,903

(Eagle News) — COVID-19 cases in the Philippines rose to 2,837,903 on Thursday, Dec. 23, after the Department of Health reported 288 additional cases.

According to the DOH, of the total cases, 9251 were active.

Of these, 480 were asymptomatic, 3204 were mild, 3393 were moderate, 1797 severe, and 377 were critical.

Recoveries rose to 2,777,671 with the additional 270 ones.

The death toll is now at 50,981, with the additional 65 deaths reported.

Metro Manila will remain under an Alert Level 2 until the end of the year.

Health authorities have advised the public to remain vigilant, noting the COVID-19 virus was still in the midst.

The Philippines has also reported three Omicron COVID-19 cases so far.

The World Health Organization has said the variant, which has reported over 30 mutations so far, has said the Omicron variant was the fastest-spreading COVID-19 variant yet, and was already “probably” in most countries but remains undetected.