PHL COVID-19 cases reach 584,667 with addition of 2,452 cases

(Eagle News) — COVID-19 cases in the Philippines reached 584,667 after the Department of Health reported 2,452 additional cases.

The DOH said of the total cases, 37226 were active.

Of these, 90.1 percent were mild, 4.9 percent asymptomatic, 2.1 percent critical, 2.1 percent severe, and 0.01 percent were moderate.

Recoveries rose to 535037, including the additional 266 ones.

The death toll rose to 12404, including the 15 additional ones.

The OCTA research group had warned of a “serious” uptick in COVID-19 cases in Metro Manila, with the reproduction rate, or the number of people a COVID-19-positive case can infect, at 1.43.

The OCTA research group said this was similar to the rate of increase seen in Cebu, Mt. Province, and Benguet, where variants of the COVID-19 virus were reported.

Earlier, the DOH  said there are so far over 80 UK variant cases in the Philippines.

Four of the six South African virus variants, it said, have been traced to Pasay.

The Philippines vaccination drive kicked off on Monday with some medical and government front liners given the inoculation.