PHL COVID-19 cases reach 489,736; recoveries at 458,206

(Eagle News) — COVID-19 cases in the country breached the 489,000 mark on Monday, January 11, after the Department of Health reported 2052 additional cases.

Of the 489,736 additional cases, 22,114 were active.

Of these, 84.3 percent were active, 5.6 percent asymptomatic, 6.2 percent critical, 3.4 percent severe, and 0.58 percent moderate.

The areas with the most COVID-19 cases reported today were Davao City with 140, Quezon City with 93, Cavite with 87, Laguna with 83, and Manila with 67.

Recoveries climbed to 458,206 including the ten additional ones.

Eleven additional deaths pushed the COVID-19 death toll to 9416.

The government has said as of January 2, the COVID-19 strain first seen in the United Kingdom was not yet detected in the Philippines.

The government has banned foreign travelers from 28 countries so far following reports of that strain and the South African strain there.