PHL COVID-19 cases now at 513,619; 7,729 more recover

(Eagle News)–COVID-19 cases in the country reached 513,619 on Sunday, Jan. 24, after the Department of Health reported 1,949  additional cases.

The DOH said of the total  cases,  27,765 were active.

Of these, 83.3 percent were mild, 9.1 percent  asymptomatic,  2.7 percent severe,  4.4 percent  critical and 0.53 percent  moderate.

The areas with the most COVID-19 cases today were Davao City  with 99, Quezon City with 98, Cavite with 74, Baguio City with 73, and Leyte with 63.

Recoveries rose to 475,612 including the 7,729 additional ones.

The death toll is now at 10,242, with the  53 additional deaths.

The government has confirmed the United Kingdom COVID-19 variant had been detected in the country, after a Quezon City resident tested positive for the same upon arrival from Dubai.

On Friday, the Quezon City government said he already tested negative for COVID-19 but is under monitoring.

The government later said the variant was found in 16 other COVID-19 cases in the Philippines.