PHL, China reject UN human rights council reso urging Myanmar to sustain democratic transition

(Eagle News)–The Philippines was among two countries that rejected a United Nations Human Rights Council resolution that urged the Myanmar government to sustain its democratic transition.

Apart from the Philippines, China rejected the resolution that also decried what it said were human rights violations committed against Rohingya Muslims in the country.

Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi has  denied there was an ethnic cleansing of Muslims in her country.

“Muslims have been targeted but Buddhists have also been subjected to violence. This fear is what is leading to all this trouble,” she had said.

Thirty-seven countries adopted the resolution, while seven abstained.

Earlier, President Rodrigo Duterte said that Rohingyas were being subjected to genocide in Myanmar, prompting Myanmar to lash out at the Filipino leader, who it said knew nothing about their country.

Duterte later apologized, and said he was only lashing out at European countries which had accused Myanmar of human rights violations, but did not do much to help the Rohingya.

Duterte has also been vocal against the UN human rights council which he said interfered in Philippine affairs when it  denounced the Philippine government’s popular war on drugs.