Palace: “Towering satisfaction” of Filipinos in admin’s performance a “slap in face” of opposition, other detractors

(Eagle News)—The Palace on Saturday, May 4, welcomed the results of the Social Weather Stations survey that found that 81 percent of Filipinos were satisfied with the performance of the Duterte administration, calling them a “slap in the face” of the opposition and “other detractors.”

In a statement, Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo reiterated  his call for the critics to instead “wake up from their stupor” and “contribute to the building of our nation lest they be crushed by the stallions of change galloping across the land.”

“While they continue with their political offensives against us, we endlessly grind for our nation’s interests and betterment,” he said, noting that the SWS rating was the highest received by any administration since the polling firm started such a survey in February 1989.

He said the Palace was glad “our people appreciate the current government’s efforts in fighting poverty as this specific issue got the highest rating, along with other issues like reconstructing Marawi City as well as fighting terrorism.”

“Poverty-stricken areas in the Philippines have become the spawning grounds for terrorist activities. In combating terrorism, therefore, the Executive likewise pays attention to addressing the socioeconomic causes of the problem,” he said.

He added a “whole-of-the-nation approach centered on peace and development is laid out..”

The efforts of the administration in serving the nation and the Filipinos are starting to bear fruit, he said.

The SWS said the +72 rating, or 81 percent satisfied and 9 percent dissatisfied, obtained by the administration was a new record- high.

The pollster said it was  6 points above the very good +66 in December 2018, and 2 points above the previous record of excellent +70 in December 2017.