Palace to public: Be vigilant as counting of votes starts

(Eagle News)—The Palace on Monday, May 13, called on the public to be “on guard” and “vigilant” as counting of the votes begins.

“The electoral fraud comes when the voters do not participate or involve themselves after they cast their votes,” Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said.

He said the public should not allow “those who seek to destroy our democratic process and trample our sacred votes have their way,” as he expressed hope the results of the elections would “reflect the genuine will of the electorate.”

“And to those who will be proclaimed elected in whatever position they aspired for, we urge them to be fealty to their duties imposed by the law and to serve their constituents well and with dedication,” he said.

In the same statement, Panelo thanked the authorities for their “extra vigilance and strict enforcement of election laws, including the apprehension of persons for violations of the gun ban, liquor ban and vote buying” that led to the conduct of “generally peaceful” polls.

He also thanked the teachers for their “sacrifice as members of the Election Board,” ensuring that the elections were clean and credible.

According to Panelo, while there were the “usual confusion, queuing and complaint on faulty vote-counting machines” on Election Day, reports from the authorities indicate that “no major untoward incident” disrupted the holding of the elections.

“As counting begins with the closing of polling precincts at 6 p.m., we commend everyone for making the 2019 midterm elections generally peaceful,” he said.