Palace questions SWS survey results that found many Filipinos worried about rise in number of Chinese workers in PHL

(Eagle News) — The Palace on Friday, Dec. 6, questioned the results of a Social Weather Stations survey that said a majority of Filipinos were worried about the rising number of Chinese workers in the country.

“It is a matter of research methodology. We note that the survey question has been slantly phrased as: ‘Gaano po kayo nababahala sa pagdami ng dayuhang Intsik na nagtratrabaho sa Pilipinas?’ Necessarily, the response is logical and expected because the question already assumes that there exists a cause of worry,” he said of the results of the September 2019 survey, which found that 31% were “worried a great deal” about the increase of foreign Chinese workers in the Philippines; 39% were “somewhat worried”; 19% replied that they were “not too worried”; and 11% were “not at all worried.”

According to Panelo, “contrary to the result of this survey, the Chinese has seamlessly assimilated in the Filipino way of life for centuries..”

“…And we attribute this to the hospitable and inclusive nature of our people,” he said.

The survey also found that 27% strongly agree and 25% somewhat agree that the increasing number of foreign Chinese working in the Philippines is a threat to the country’s overall security.

Fourteen percent, on the other hand, based on the survey,  somewhat disagree and 13% strongly disagree with the statement, while 21 percent were undecided about the matter.