Palace: Politicians on narco-list can challenge accusations in court

(Eagle News) — Those who were included in President Rodrigo Duterte’s narco-list can challenge the allegations against them in court, the Palace said on Friday, March 15.

“As I have previously stated there is always a remedy to judicial resort for those in the list who feel they have been injured by the announcement that their names are included in the list,” Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said, a day after President Duterte named the 46 politicians in public, ahead of the May elections.

Some of those on the list are running for office.

Panelo also defended anew the release of the list, saying “the people have the constitutional right to be informed on matters that concern their welfare and health.”

He added the “individual right of an individual” was also “subordinate to the right of the state to secure and protect itself from the wrongdoers of society when public safety is endangered..,” addressing criticisms the release of the list violated the right of those named to a presumption of innocence.

At least five politicians on the list have denied the allegations against them.

Leyte Rep. Vicente Veloso added he would also file charges against those responsible for his inclusion in the list.