Palace: COVID-19 cases reported to gov’t, not qualified for home quarantine to be transferred to quarantine facilities to prevent COVID-19 spread

No house-to-house provision, Palace says

(Eagle News) — The Palace on Wednesday, July 15, said COVID-19 cases that have been reported to the government and are not qualified for home quarantine will be transferred to quarantine facilities so they can complete the 14-day period.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque made the clarification in a television interview after Interior Secretary Eduardo Año said health officials would lead a “house-to-house search” for the patients–whether asymptomatic or with mild symptoms—to ensure they would be treated in the designated facilities instead of going on quarantine at home.

The government has said mild and asymptomatic patients can only undergo home quarantine if they have their own room, own bathroom, and there are no vulnerable people in the house.

“We don’t have a provision on house-to-house,” Roque said.

He said the transfer of those unqualified for home quarantine was provided for under the Mandatory Reporting of Notifiable Diseases and Health Events of Public Health Concern Act.

Sentido común. It is a very communicable disease. If they refuse to be isolated, the State, of course, can isolate them,” Roque said.

Earlier, Año said health officials with lists of COVID-19 cases would lead the search in areas where there have been localized lockdowns.