Pacquiao to Faeldon: Take leave of absence pending GCTA probe

(Eagle News)–Senator Manny Pacquiao on Wednesday, Sept. 4, urged Bureau of Corrections Director-General Nicanor Faeldon to take a leave of absence pending the probe into the release of convicts of heinous crimes under the Good Conduct Time Allowance Law.

In a statement, Pacquiao said that while he believes in the “integrity and honesty” of Faeldon, the raging controversy demands his “full and undivided attention.”

Pacquiao added that President Rodrigo Duterte was “unnecessarily dragged into this whole mess” since he was the one who appointed Faeldon to the post.

” I know that Undersecretary Faeldon is a good man and has served his country well but I really think that he can spare the president and this administration from embarrassment by taking a leave-of-absence,” Pacquiao explained.

As for allegations GCTA was “for sale” in the Bureau of Corrections, Pacquiao said he believes the claims were “just too fantastic and clearly exaggerated.”

He said so far, there was no evidence that would prove the contrary.

In any case, Pacquiao said the GCTA law “should be reviewed and should only cover petty crimes.”

“On the other hand, this controversy should already serve as a wake up call for Congress to finally approved re-imposition of death penalty on certain heinous crimes,” Pacquiao added.