Opposition lawmakers slam as “presumptuous” Palace’s statement on Filipinos’ “unshakeable trust” in Duterte, admin

(Eagle News) — Several opposition lawmakers on Tuesday, March 12, slammed as “presumptuous” the Palace’s statement the rise in President Rodrigo Duterte’s satisfaction ratings was proof of the public’s “unshakeable trust” in him and his administration.

“Beguiled or bewitched but never given such unshakeable trust by Filipinos. That is too presumptuous and overbearing of Malacañang to describe the SWS satisfaction survey results,” Akbayan Rep. Tom Villarin said in a statement.

Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano said the Palace’s statement holds true only in the Duterte administration’s “make-believe world.”

He said he has been  going around the country “and the sentiments on the ground are otherwise.”

Villarin, for his part, noted the criticisms Duterte has received for what he said were his misogynistic remarks.

“His misogynistic remarks and disdain shown to empowered women should not earn him their trust nor support,” he said.

The recent SWS survey found 76 percent were satisfied with the administration’s performance, 15 percent were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, and 9 percent were dissatisfied.

The survey had 1440 respondents.

The government also got “excellent” marks in the following performance fields: promoting women’s rights (+71), and building and maintenance of public works (+70).

It also got a “very good”in helping the poor (+68), protecting human rights (+62) and reconstructing Marawi City (+60).

According to Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo, the latest SWS figured were “loud and clear repudiations of the critics and detractors of (Duterte) who have described him as misogynistic, anti-poor and anti-human rights, and who have taken turns in questioning the Build Build Build Infrastructure program and lambasting the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Marawi.”