Number of health workers infected by COVID-19 now at 2,245

A screenshot of the DOH’s COVID-19 Situationer #018, released on Friday, May 15, showing the latest data on health care workers infected with COVID-19. As of latest DOH tally, there are 2,245 confirmed COVID-19 cases among health care workers, with 779 recoveries and 35 deaths. (Courtesy: DOH)

(Eagle News) – The number of health care workers infected with COVID-19 has risen to 2,245, the Department of Health (DOH) reported on Friday, May 15.

The number includes 812 nurses, 660 physicians, 137 nursing assistants, 81 medical technologists, 42 radiologic technologists, and 260 non-medical staff.

The number of recoveries among health care workers with COVID-19 has likewise climbed to 779, while the number of deaths remains at 35.

Meanwhile, of 1,431 active cases, 398 are asymptomatic, 1,027 have mild symptoms, five cases are severe, and 1 is critical.

The number of health care workers infected with COVID-19 accounts for one-fifth or 19% of the country’s total confirmed cases, DOH data states.

Eagle News Service