August 28 is National Heroes Day

QUEZON City, Philippines (August 28) (Eagle News) – Did you know that Jose Rizal, known all over the world as the National Hero of the Philippines, has never been expressedly declared by our government as our official national hero?

Just something to ponder on this National Heroes Day.

Every last Monday of August has been declared National Heroes Day to commemorate the men and women who made great contributions to our country’s history.

The lives of these men and women can inspire the Filipinos of the next generation to lead a life devoted to their country and their fellow men.

Who knows? Some day, you may become a National Hero as well.

The Philippine government has certain criteria on who to declare and acknowledge as a National Hero.

But ultimately, we all know that our country’s heroes – whether officially recognized and proclaimed or not – became heroes not because they followed criteria. They became heroes because they did what needs to be done – without fear and without reservations.

This proves that each and every Filipino can be a hero in their own little and personal way, every day!

Happy National Heroes Day, everyone!